Cow Hide or Deerskin Chaps with Braid – Colors


These chaps are basic chaps made in cow hide colors or deerskin.  They come with all of the features listed for lined motorcycle chaps, with the addition of braid down the outer leg seam.  The braid can be made with the one color or two colors.  The cow hides are tanned to give them a very soft hand; almost feeling as soft as deerskin and nothing feels as soft as the deerskin.  They are designed to be unisex.  When measuring for size, please measure for waistband (this is where your belt is worn).  If you'll wear a belt measure over the belt in back to just below the belt buckle in front.  When you measure your thigh this is the thickest part of your upper thigh.  Your inseam measure is on your inside leg, from close to the crotch to the floor.  This will allow us to get the best possible fit for you, rather than just “close enough” but are available in a variety of colors.  Others colors are occasionally available.  Please call if you don't see the color you'd like.


    Heaviest part of upper thigh over pants. One inch allowance will be made for comfort in men.

    Where your belt is worn.

    Inside leg from crotch to floor.

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Snap-in Back Panel
This is the a unique feature you will only find on our chaps. The snap-in back panel allows us to give you a custom fit through out the years with out the need for those uncomfortable laces getting twisted all the time. A clean smooth look with all the comfort of a solid back.

Encapsulated Buckle and Belt Loop
With our solid brass or nickel over brass encapsulated buckle, you never have to worry about the tongue falling through the buckle. The “roller” makes sliding the belt through a cinch The solid brass or nickel over brass belt loop is sewn down to keep every thing lined up straight.

Key Loop
As an added feature, our chaps include a key loop sewn right into the chaps. Never again will you have to dig under your chaps into your pants pockets to wrestle out your keys. We even offer matched Key Holders made by us to fit the key loop.

Leg Flap
We sew in a separte peice of leather to set the snaps into at the bottom of our chap legs. Most chaps are made with one peice of leather which gets cut (butterflyed) and turned back under creating a weak point at the 90 dergee cut in the leather. Our design gives a stronger snap setup and more give over the boot.

An outside pocket with snap closure, on the right leg add convenience for carry wallets and other important items.

Pocket Reinforcements
We reinforce both snap settings on our pockets to ensure long lasting, smooth operation. Our attention to detail and quality goes behind the scenes.

Dri-lex Lining
Where there’s skin, there’s sweat. And when sweat can’t evaporate, skin starts to feel uncomfortable. The multi-zone lining system transports moisture away from the skin via our exclusive under layer of 100% Hydrofil nylon. The fabric layer closest to the skin is always dry, cool and comfortable.
Full Length Lining
The lining in our chaps goes from the waist to just above the leg flaps. Full lining for full comfort.


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